About Us

  • Thara coffee is a homegrown, coffee processor , exporter and a renowned coffee brand straight from the coffee plantations of Wayanad, founded for the Indian coffee planters & globally coffee consumers.
  • Located at Wayanad(Kerala) with its own coffee estate.
  • We are highly passionate about ethically sourcing the high quality coffee beans, Thara coffee has integrated green coffee bean processing plant has a capacity of 15000Mt/annum.
  • Nearly 10000+ passionate coffee growers are directly associated with us.
  • Thara coffee is located in the midst of coffee plantations, Our focus is on the socio-economic upliftment of the Coffee Growers and committed towards sustainable practices for shade grown coffee farming. We ethically source great coffee beans from different regions of India, filled with unique qualities and character.
  • By naturally processing and roasting to its perfection, we bring out the best that each bean has to offer for your amazing coffee experience.


Our Vision

To develop a thriving coffee culture by providing a finest quality coffee and to work for the welfare of coffee farmers through sustainable and fair-trade practices. To create and maintain biodiversity by practicing rain forest alliance.

Our Mission

To offer a wide range of coffee products and to humanize each coffee drinker’s relationship with their daily cup in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our Values

  • Promoter of Cooperatives
  • Emotionally Bonded
  • Highly Professional
  • Enabling Greater Trust
  • Drive Greater Transparency
  • Achieve Higher Quality
  • Ensure Credibility



  • We are at a path towards an inclusive sustainability strategy for coffee growers to improve their social, economic, institutional, and environmental conditions.
  • We are conscious that our ability for a sustainable governance will create value for all the involved stakeholders, starting from planting, harvesting, drying, processing, exports, roasting and sales of coffee.


  • Ensure coffee contributes to improved income and profitability for the coffee producers and their family
  • Implement sustainable agricultural practices with no use of chemical pesticides and to improve the yield in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
  • Prevent the depletion of natural resources or forest cover and encourage for the shade-grown coffee plantation
  • Conserve and preserve the biodiversity
  • Take tremendous efforts for the application of global food standards and fair-trade practices
  • Seek and participate in the collaborations across the sector towards collective goals of sustainability and scale the impact of sustainability efforts
  • Share experiences and lessons learned across the coffee community